3 divers in cave

Moscow, Russia

As part of the 8th edition of Russia's "Wild Underwater World "  Festival - a selection of pictures of Cenotes will be featured. The festival is inaugurated in the Darwin Museum of Moscow before becoming itinerant.

cave divers with DPV

Xiimbalil Ja - Kaxan Ts'ono'oto'ob

Strolling through water was a itinerant exposition in Yucatan, with the purpose of sharing the underwater landscapes to locals in a bid to call for greater conservation. The exposition inaugurated in Izamal, before moving to Cholul-Merida, Valladolid and Cenotillo.

Trajectory & Expos

Joram had the pleasure of working in different aspects of UW photography for different companies and their Projects, including:

Coordination & Location manager for Huawei promotion shoot of mobile phones and water-resistant accessories, Modeling for Canon new mirrorless Cameras - production of “undead” a short film by Chinese producers celebrating the “dia de Muertos”, a close collaboration with Julien Carriere for his “Silent World” project and subsequent expo in Berlin’s Dittrich & Schelechtriem Gallery. 
Joram participated in Bayer's Dare to Leap as a cenote scout but started exposing publicly his own artwork in Valladolid before taking part in  Xiimbalil Ja - Kaxan Tso'ono'oto'ob
(strolling through water - discovering the Cenotes)
in Yucatan, providing the centerpiece and pillar of the festival.

Organized by La Galerie MalixArt (ACM Consulting group) - the 2020 expo was itinerant in Yucatan, inaugurated on the gates of the San Antonio de Padua in Izamal, the expo moved to Cholul (Merida), Paparazzi in Valladolid, with an off-shoot in Cenotillo in Margin of Alejandro Lemus Freedriving World Record as a way of sharing underwater landscapes with local communities and bring awareness as to the importance of freshwater resources.

Joram’s pictures have been exposed in Moscow’s Darwin Museum as part of the “wild underwater world Festival” and on Paseo Reforma - a Street art exposition on Mexico City’s and the country’s most commuted Boulevard.

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