Cave Photography workshop

Ever felt you could get more out of your Camera? Or perhaps you invested in a new toy, but don’t really feel you are getting the fun results you could? 

Do your pictures reflect what you meant to convey when you shot them? Are they as majestic as you saw the cave yourself?
Ever feel like you are spending more time post-editing than actually being a photographer?

Photography is like all the other  disciplines - it requires time, dedication, and technique.
This practical tailored photo workshop focuses on the techniques in order to shorten your natural curb of trial and error by directly bringing you the tools you need the increase the quality of your shots and help you acquire the desired results.
You are still going to hit and miss - we all do - but you’ll be doing it at a whole other level.

The workshop is individual or in pair, depending on your level and your personal needs - feel free to inquire and tailor your workshop.

diver in mystical cenote

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